• Haceinda Villa del Lago

  • There is a place where nature manifests itself as if it invited us to forget everything, where we can get closer to ourselves and the environment. This is Hacienda Villa del Lago, a unique place that is located in the Ribera del Lago de Chapala, where you can enjoy an spectacular view, spend an incredible weekend in this exclusive Villa nestled in the Sierra del Tigre, surrounded by a atmosphere of tranquility and harmony. What do you expect to visit us? Here you will discover that the mountain and the lake is something magical that you will keep forever.

  • Hacienda Villa del Lago invites you to give yourself pleasure and relaxation, stop time and enjoy to the fullest.


Beautiful Villa located in the exclusive zone of Chapala. It has 2 rooms with queen size bed overlooking the mountains and large garden. Garage for vehicle, laundry and storage.
This Villa is ideal for extended stays or to escape a weekend of the routine with your whole family. Located just 5 minutes from the center of Chapala. This Villa offers the opportunity to enjoy a unique stay.